Noise Monitoring Terminal

Noise Monitoring Terminals

Now Available for Energy & Drilling Companies

For continual monitoring requirements, ENRG’s new Noise Monitoring Terminals provide clients with the ability to self-monitor their wells 24/7 via the Internet, enabling them to make quick operational changes if noise levels grow out of compliance, minimizing the potential for Protected Use complaints and citations.

With ENRG’s Noise Monitoring Terminals, you can:

ENRG’s new Noise Monitor Terminals use wireless telemetry and are completely mobile, with no power requirements. With this new capability, ENRG delivers real-time live noise data from the drilling rig directly to your computer, laptop, or other Internet-enabled device.

Real-Time Streaming

Upon client login, NMT customers can stream data straight from their site over a secure connection (HTTPS). As the data comes in, it is immediately stored to a database so you can download up-to-date reports.

Comprehensive Reports

View accurate reports containing sound levels at any given moment at your site. Reports are available in PDF, Excel, XML, plain ASCII, or you can view them straight the web.